Your Elected Officials and County Sheriff Need To Hear From You

Effects of Covid Mandates and Lockdowns

  • World economies have been destroyed.
  • Millions of people are out of work and the unemployment rate continues to rise world-wide.
  • Many businesses have closed for good and those that remain open, particularly small business, are struggling to survive.
  • Major retail chains are leaving their shelves empty of essential goods.
  • The healthy are being socially-engineered to comply with mandates and measures that, at best, may only help those who are sick with underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems.
  • The wearing of masks and facial coverings is known not to prevent SARS-COV2 infection.
  • Big Tech and mainstream media, who receive much of their financing from Big Pharma, have engaged in unprecedented censorship of doctors, researchers, lab specialists, epidemiologists and journalists – anyone even sharing data and evidence-based research publicly that runs counter to the Covid mask and mandatory vaccine narrative. In a violation of their constitutional and legal rights, based on memos sent to them from members of Congress, Internet platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter have terminated their accounts. Free speech no longer exists in America.

In addition, inflated death rates and infection rates due to SARS-COV2 are falling all over the world as governments are getting caught up with their examination of the data and also realizing that the numbers have been grossly exagerated by local and state health departments.

Currently, the death rate for Covid is 0.026 of the population. This is way below the 1-2% acceptable rate for past flu seasons.

And yet, mandates have not been lifted and lockdowns continue. Why?

We’ve had enough!

The pandemic is over.

There is no second wave.

Natural herd immunity has been reached.


It’s not enough that a candidate or elected official says that he/she is for or against health freedom and bodily autonomy in the Covid crisis. Does that person have answers to the pressing questions about Covid? Because without that examination and those answers, the elected official cannot act in our best interest for which he/she has taken an oath to uphold. The answer we get may only be as good as the questions we ask because questions direct thinking. Particularly with respect to engaging public officials, this means that we have to ask better, specific questions.

If They Don’t Hear From Us, They Will Assume
That We Agree With Whatever They Are  Doing and Planning.

Use the letter below and/or revise/change it as you see fit and email to your lawmakers every week until you get a reply that you are satisfied with.

Use this site to find your representatives in Congress to contact.

Use this site to find your representative in Ohio state and local government to contact.

Contact your county office to find out who your Sheriff is and how to contact. You can also contact your local police department for this information.

Use this site to contact Sheriff Jerry Greene for Mahoning County, Ohio.

Sample Letter to Public Officials

Dear ,

I am writing you to urge you to act to protect my constitutional rights during this Coronavirus crisis – rights that I see being stripped away every day that state mandates for mask wearing and talk of a vaccine being the only answer to our returning to our lives as we want, are allowed to linger.


The science on the wearing of masks and/or facial coverings to prevent being infected with SARS-COV2 is very clear (see some links to data that I have provided at the end of this email – partial list). There is no guarantee that wearing these will prevent me from being infected. And there is enough scientific data to show how wearing these for more than 10 minutes at a time can injure my health. As my representative in the legislature, I want you to press for a permanent end to mask/facial covering mandates in our state.

It is clear to me that mandates such as these are a form of social engineering to frighten the public into believing that the only remedy for being able to take their mask off is a Covid vaccine. This is nonsense! And I refuse to wear one, such refusal as is my God-given right under the constitution, as doing so violates my religious beliefs and my conscience, particularly because I am keenly aware of the studies.

People who want to wear a mask have a right to do so, just as I have the right not to wear one. And, if people wearing masks/facial coverings belief that such a covering is protecting them from infection, then I don’t need to wear one for their protection. And to tell me that I have to wear a mask for the sake of others is nonsense, and clearly a matter of social engineering. Stop trying to brainwash me!

I Have a Doctor

With all due respect, I don’t need you to care for my health and, although your concern for my welfare may be well-meaning, I don’t need you are any other faction of government to be concerned for me. When I’ve had a health or medical concern in the past, have I contacted you!? No. And, when I need a medical intervention, I don’t call Anthony Fauci (a government bureaucrat who hasn’t treated a patient in years), I don’t call Bill Gates (a businessman with no medical expertise), I don’t contact the CDC or WHO or John Hopkins University medical center, of IMHE or GAVI.

When I need a medical intervention, I call my doctor and other health practitioners whom I trust who know my medical history and are in a much better position to help me evaluate my risks and necessity for treatment of SARS-COV2. As my representative in the legislature, I want you to press to stop government from interfering in my relationship with my health practitioner under the guise of an emergency. When I have a medical emergency, I see my doctor and the present mandates under Covid are interfering with my constitutional right to health freedom of choice by informed consent in my private and protected relationship with my chosen health practitioner.

Also, I am disgusted over the increasing censorship of doctors, researchers and other health professionals who are offering proper scientific debate on Covid. What have we come to when our own government does not insist that ALL censorship stop immediately? We are looking more like the dictatorships of China, Russia and Cuba every day! I want my right to informed consent protected by way of full protection of the first amendment. I want access to all sides of the data and debate and I want to vet all the information for myself. I’m totally capable of making my own informed decision on this matter and I don’t need mainstream media, public officials or anyone else telling me how to think and what to decide!

Needless Deaths

There are a good number of doctors on the front lines treating SARS COV-2 patients and curing them with inexpensive, non-toxic measures. These include the use of Hydroxychloroquine – HCQ (an FDA approved medication) in combination with Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and other supplements. People with underlying conditions and elderly people have been allowed to die when successful treatments like the above are readily available.

And yet, until recently, the state banned the use of HCQ for Covid. Even now that it is no longer banned, it should be open to purchase over-the-counter. Let me decide, based on my own vetting, if it will work for me. I don’t want government to make that decision for me. I’m an adult and I have a doctor to discuss the risks with.

For information on the use of the above for curing SARS-COV2 infection, go here.

As my representative in the legislature, I urge you to push for legislation that ensures that I can purchase HCQ over the counter at my local pharmacy. In addition, why hasn’t our legislature called public hearings in the legislature to hear from doctors on the front lines who are treating people with SARS-COV2 infection!? I don’t want to hear from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the CDC or any other government or private business entity on this. I want to hear from the doctors in the emergency rooms and in private practice who are treating people successfully. We don’t need a lengthy major government study on this. The case studies of doctors who are treating patients are enough for me.

Therefore, as my representative in the legislature I urge you to call to a hearing the following doctors and researchers to understand how they are treating patients with inexpensive, non-toxic remedies for the virus.

Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. William Thompson
Dr John Ioannidis
George W. Lucier, Ph.D
Professor Luc Montagnier, M.D., Ph.D
Scott Atlas, MD,
Dr. Pam Popper
Dr. Dr. Simone Gold
Dr. Jeffrey Barke
Dr. Joseph Ladapo
Dr. Mark McDonald
Dr. James Todaro
Dr. Richard Urso
Dr. Kristin Held
Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Robert Jay Rowen

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., – Children’s Health Defense
Gary Goldman, Phd
Neil Z. Miller – Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
Barabara Loe Fisher – National Vaccine Information Center


Medical professionals and scientists with data that the public needs to understand are being censored across the web. In addition, our first amendment rights are being repeatedly violated. We are becoming a dictatorship!

Destruction of Economy

In addition, many have lost their jobs and many small businesses have been forced to close permanently due to over-reaching, unconstitutional Covid mandates. As a result our local economy has been destroyed – the effect of which is far worse than the potential infection of what is a flu virus akin to the common cold.

I insist that this madness stop. Lockdowns, mask/facial covering mandates and mandates restricting businesses and employees must be lifted now.


It has become clear to me that there are serious problems with the proposed vaccines for treating SARS-COV2, including open admissions of permanent health injury that they will likely cause for many. If a vaccine for Covid undergoes animal trials first, and then human trials and is required to undergo safety testing in double-blind placebo tests that are monitored by qualified third parties who have no conflict of interest, i.e. no economic interest in the manufacture and sale of the vaccine – and if you or any other branch of our government can show me qualified studies that show that those vaccinated are healthier than those who are not, only then will I consider taking a Covid vaccine.

Therefore, as my representative in the state legislature, I urge you to fight to prevent any mandatory vaccination for SARS-COV2 for any reason and in any environment (work or otherwise). I also urge you to protect my constitutional rights by ensuring that, if I decline vaccination, my civil liberties, civil rights and human rights, including my freedom of unmonitored movement to and from my home in any way I please will be protected, and that I am not restricted in any way or punished for doing so.

To Close

I want government to do its job to protect my constitutional rights that, in a state of emergency, become even more important. Also, I want government to leave me alone. I am perfectly capable on my own of vetting all the data necessary with which to make an informed decision about my health and any medical intervention that may become necessary for treatment of SARS-COV2.

Lastly, I am quite confident that, if government does its job using our constitution as its guide, that there is a way to protect those more vulnerable to infection of the virus, without infringing on the rights and civil liberties of the rest of us who are in a general state of good health. As my representative in the legislature, I look to you to secure this effective compromise so that we do not become a state that supports medical tyranny and the stripping away of our constitutional rights.


Mask References Mentioned Above

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