Urgent Notice To Our Friends, Supporters and Organizers


“Don’t set yourself on fire under the illusion of keeping others warm.”

Dear Friends, Supporters and Organizers,

We want to make you aware of changes we are making to how we are organized. Please read this page in its entirety when you have a few minutes undistracted.

Our Purpose and Present Focus

The purpose of Community Health Freedom is to protect our right to choose health freedom, to protect our God-given and Constitutional right to bodily autonomy, informed consent, freedom of health choice and the right to refuse without reprisals. The reason we are focused on Covid science and public health mandates in the short-term is because that is the challenge before us right now with respect to our right to bodily autonomy.

The Community Action Council in Mahoning County, Ohio is being established to help the citizenry in our community and surrounding communities become more fully engaged in managing and shaping their governance, in order to combat rulership.

About Breaking News Posts

Effective immediately, we will no longer be posting notices of breaking Covid news nationally and internationally. That web page will be removed from our web site. We recognize that remaining aware of what is taking place outside our community is very, very important. However, we lack the resources to perform this task in an effective way. From time-to-time, we will email national/international Covid news that we feel may quickly and directly impact local and state public health mandates.

Otherwise, please visit this page where you will find links to organizations that have the resources and are doing an excellent job of keeping people informed on national/international Covid developments. You will also find links to organizations that we are collaborating with on this page.

Commitment of Present Resources

We will now place our entire focus and commit all our available resources toward two, primary initiatives:

1. The development of the Community Action Council (CAC) that will include coaching people in other communities to establish their own Community Action Council – and in a way that is in alignment with the Community Action Council Plan. This will include increasing our present focus to encourage elected officials to pass legislation to protect our health freedom and right to bodily autonomy – and the development of collaborations with other like-minded organizations in the state.

2. The offering of programs, courses and events in health/healing and the improvement of well-being and vibrant health, holistically, that we have shown helps people to get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill. Collectively, we have more than 30 years experience in this area – backed by our own case studies and a large volume of evidence-based research and peer-reviewed science.

Best Way To Communicate With Us and Remain Informed About Our Activities 

The best way to stay informed of our activities and meetings is to subscribe to get on our email list.

  • We do not use texting or SMS messages to send notices. Please do not attempt to text us for information about programs and meetings. Email us – or call our office during normal business hours at 330-539-2320.
  • Due to the small size of our volunteer staff, we have invested a considerable amount of time and money in building an automated system for generating notices and meeting information via email.

In this regard:

If you are attending CAC meetings for the first and will not be accompanied by a CAC organizer, you will need to reserve online here.

  1. Once you reserve, you will automatically receive an email with instructions to access a private web page for meeting information and location. Watch your email inbox for this information.
  2. If you live in Mahoning County, you are strongly encouraged to attend CAC meetings in person. These meetings are held in offices or Halls that are part of our house of worship, as a community outreach service. As a house of worship, the revised order for gatherings does not apply to us and each CAC organizer is an officiant of our house of worship presided over by licensed Reverend Deana Tareshawty. We enforce all sanitary measures connected to Covid. You can come wearing a mask but that is not required.

That said, if you are not able to attend in personal, you can opt to attend on Zoom here.

Using the reservation page for meeting webcasts will get the Zoom credentials delivered to your inbox automatically.

Other Community Action Council Urgent Matters

Some of us feel very strongly that we are no longer living in a free country. Others feel that we are in a battle to keep our country free. Either way, the only remaining question is; What are we prepared to do to bring our country back from the brink of health/medical tyranny and dictatorship?

A) Covid vaccines in development are not designed to prevent infection or reverse infection. They are merely designed to address mild symptoms of coughing and sneezing. These vaccines will have a microchip in them for digital track and trace of every recipient. Therefore, we want our right to refuse such vaccines to be protected.

B) Even after accepting Covid vaccination, we will be required to follow mask wearing mandates and social distancing as a part of a permanent change to our culture. This has already been stated by Anthony Fauci and Dr. Redfield, the head of the CDC. When this is the case, why should we even consider a vaccine for treatment?

C) For healthy people, Covid vaccines are being planned for injection 4-5 times per year and, in addition, to be combined with the annual flu shot that is now becoming a standard on the adult vaccination schedule. For those who are sick, the plan is injection as often as once a month. This vaccination plan will require repeated testing on a regular basis throughout the year. We see this as an ineffective and costly measure that will not achieve the desired goal of eradicating the virus in a way that we no longer have to submit to emergency mandates and forced changes to our culture and livelihoods.

D) The rapid PCR and serology tests are shown to be inaccurate. They give many false positives. We have presented a great deal of peer-reviewed, evidence-based research on this at our web site. We want the state to stop wasting our tax dollars on these tests. Instead, we want the state to develop accurate testing for SARS-COV2 that meets the standard for having isolated the virus using Koch’s postulate, and we want these tests targeted to the infirmed elderly and those with underlying health conditions and diseases, not to healthy people with no symptoms.

E) Presently, the state has no scientific plans in place to target those with underlying conditions and disease, rather than punishing the healthy who are asymptomatic. We want the state legislature to appoint an independent commission to formulate plans for addressing the at-risk group only, based on hearings of testimony from doctors on the front lines who are successfully treating infected patients with inexpensive, non-toxic alternative therapies.

F) When we get sick and decide on a medical intervention, we don’t call Governor Dewine, we don’t call Director Himes or Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates or Dr. Redfield of the CDC. These people are government bureacrats, not doctors currently engaged in direct treatment of their own patients. Under the current mandates, the state is undermining the doctor/health practitioner/patient relationship. A qualified health professional, in a direct and developing relationship with the patient, is in the best position to decide whether or not a person requires testing and treatment for Covid, in consultation with the patient. This is the way people proceed in all matters of health care. The state has no place making health/treatment decisions that supersede that of a person’s chosen health care professional. We demand that this interference on the part of the state end now.

G) We want the state to stop spending our tax dollars on Covid stimulus checks to the public. Instead, we want the legislature to ensure that the state of emergency is lifted and that steps are taken to completely open our economy. In regards to the latter, we support any measures that will provide a temporary stimulus to businesses/not-for-profits that are failing and facing closure due to the Covid mandates over the last 8 months.

H) We have provided extensive, peer-reviewed research and evidence-based science at this web site and in our Coronavirus Era eBook as to why masks/facial coverings do not protect anyone from infection of SARS-COV2, a virus that is .0125 microns in size (a thousand times smaller than a single strand of hair). This evidence has included video interviews of doctors, virologists and OSHA experts. Our observation is that mask-wearing mandates are targeted to changing our culture, while stripping away our rights. We respect anyone who chooses to wear a mask, if they feel the mask protects them. However, we demand that our right to choose not to wear a mask/facial covering be protected, particularly because the science shows that these PPEs do not prevent Coronavirus infection. Also, some of us have observed people lowering their masks from their mouths to cough (Biden was seen recently doing this on camera). When asked why they are doing this, the response has been that they don’t want to re-inhale or swallow sputum and excess mucous. So, the intended, mass behavioral change is not working. We want mandatory mask-wearing to be repealed. Let those who feel masks protect them wear a mask. Then, if they feel this way, there is no need of someone who does not wear a mask to wear one. We want those who do not wear masks to be left alone.

I) There is a huge disconnect with respect to the state’s reporting on increased cases of infection resulting in increased ICU admissions. While the Governor insists that the majority of people in the ICU in hospitals across the state are infected with “Covid-19,” we have spoken to nurses and lab technicians in some of these ICU units who tell us that they have no idea of what the Governor is talking about, and that the majority of patients in the ICU are not Covid patients but patients suffering from serious underlying conditions that they have a history of. So, which is true? We want the state legislature to appoint an independent commission to investigate these claims by way of personal contact, interviews of ICU health care professionals and eye-ball observation of the state of affairs in ICUs and emergency rooms across the state. In states of emergency involving devastation by tornados/hurricanes, elected officials have often toured neighborhoods personally to speak with citizens who may have been impacted by the devastation, and to interview responders. Why should this be any different? And, if members of the independent commission are concerned about contracting the virus, well, wear a mask.

Download our Vaccine Assessment guide here

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