Ohio Call To Action Alerts – State Legislature


Please call and email state lawmakers in your district and express the following two points:

  1. Vaccine passports in Ohio are absolutely unacceptable. Not only will they lead to discrimination and a second class citizenry under a medical apartheid, but there is every reason to distrust how my private information and medical records will be mined by Big Tech and other corporations to line their pockets at the expense of my rights and privacy.
  2. Even though Governor Dewine has said he will not mandate vaccine passports in the state, he has lied to us before. Also, we don’t know who will occupy the Governor’s seat when Dewine is no longer in office. Therefore, we need a strong bill now that outlaws such passports in Ohio.
  3. Any vaccine passports mandated by the private sector will be in violation of the right to religious exemption under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title II. You need to be informed about this to express it to your elected representatives in the state legislature.

Find your representative in your district here


  1. HB 248 – Action Required Now.
  2. HB 253 – Action Required Now.
  3. SB 169 – Action Required Now.
  4. Holistic Health Choice Act – Pending bill language approval from LSC.

***Call to Action***

The bill prohibits mandatory vaccinations, vaccination status disclosures, vaccination passports, tracking and certain other actions regarding vaccinations, individual’s rights and privacy. HB 248 would apply to all current and future vaccines, requirements and related issues. It is a very comprehensive bill that affirms our right to informed consent and health privacy, as well as the right to seek legal relief.

**HB 248 has completed all committee testimony and is being referred out of committee in the Fall.

Please email Health Committee Chairman Scott Lipps (rep62@ohiohouse.gov) and thank him for diligently working to progress HB248 these past few weeks, and ask that he continue to work towards the passage of HB248.

Please also email House Speaker Bob Cupp (rep04@ohiohouse.gov) and respectfully let him know that you would like to see swift action on the part of House leadership to see that HB248 is heard and passed through the House immediately upon return from summer break.


Sponsor Testimony for Senate Bill 169 has been scheduled for its first hearing on Wednesday, May 26 at 9:00 a.m. at the Ohio Statehouse. The bill would protect Ohioans from COVID-19 vaccine mandates and proof of consumption. The bill aims to ban all entities — private and governmental — from requiring COVID-19 vaccination or having to acquire or share vaccination status.

Please begin writing your testimony about COVID-19 vaccines and passports. Indicate your concerns and also any actual experiences you’ve had around vaccine requirements. We will keep you posted when proponent testimonies are scheduled.

Here is the bill text: https://search-prod.lis.state.oh.us/solarapi/v1/general_assembly_134/bills/sb169/IN/00/sb169_00_IN?format=pdf


Sponsor: Representative Brenner
https://ohiosenate.gov/senators/brenner (sd19@ohiosenate.gov)

Cosponsors: Senators Cirino, Lang, Schaffer
https://ohiosenate.gov/senators/cirino (sd18@ohiosenate.gov)
https://ohiosenate.gov/senators/lang (sd04@ohiosenate.gov)
https://ohiosenate.gov/senators/schaffer (sd20@ohiosenate.gov)

Please let them know how important this legislation is. If you have specific negative experiences around vaccine requirements and passports, briefly share.

Contact your state senator if they’re not a sponsor or cosponsor; tell your story; and ask them to support the bill. Find your senator here:

Get written testimony ready to go. (Much of the testimony for the COVID-19 vaccination/passport bills will be similar, so have a basic template ready.) We are unsure how quickly this bill will move. Ohio is fortunate to have several freedom-related bills that could set wonderful precedents this assembly. We have to show up BIG! If you cannot make it in person, please make time to call and submit formal written testimony.