Question Covid!

Don’t Stop Questioning Covid!

This page will offer an ongoing series in the very important protest of questioning Covid, the existence of a virus, the mainstream media narrative and government mandates and lockdowns. The very Constitution of these unites states is at stack, and all of your human rights and liberties with it!

All videos are accompanied by links to references that support what is stated in the videos, so that you can further vet what is being offered on your own. Most of all, the offering on this page is intended to inspire to act to reign in a government that has run amok in violation of our constitutional and human rights. There are many ways that you can get involved in the protest. Start here.

We work with a good number of doctors, scientists and researchers in this field. There is a growing number of really great doctors who uphold their hippocratic oath, while serving as great consultants to their clients, the patient – as well as, offering their patients holistic alternatives to getting well and staying. We need such doctors and support their work.

However, there are still far too many doctors, scientists and researchers who have sublimated their offering to become businesspeople as part of their top priority. Doctors have to mae money like all the rest of us. But when profits are placed above service to the patient, with the understanding that the patient has hired the doctor as his/her consultant in health and well-being, this not only violates the hippocratic oath they have taken but leads to medical quackery of the worst kind. We stand firm against such practitioners by encouraging them to come down on the side of health freedom and bodily autonomy.

The information offered on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. Also, we do not offer medical advice and nothing on this page or in these videos should be construed as medical advice.

Episode 1 with Kedarji – What is SARS-COV2, What is Covid-19?

Episode 2 with Kedarji – What is the test for Covid-19 and is it accurate?


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