Pending Ohio State Legislation – Protect Our Rights Under Covid

State of Ohio – Focus on Legislation for Health Freedom
and Protection of Our Constitutional Rights

The following are urgent bills either headed into committee or headed out of committee to the floor of state legislature for a vote. It is in your/our best interest to contact the sponsors of the indicated bill to indicate your support, or to urge committee chairs to convene committee meetings to move the bill forward.

Direct links are provided so that you can read the bills.

Links to contact information and/or links to where to find contact info are indicated below. Our state legislators need to hear from us by phone and email. Please make contact once a week, if possible, until you have a reply and/or favorable response.

Sub. S.B. 1

Sub SB1 has been assigned conference committee. That means members of the House and Senate convene in a committee to amend the language of the bill to appease both. Sub SB 1 would limit health orders to 14 days before a review by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR).

Please contact the Chair of the Committee, Kirk Schuring, and respectfully ask him to convene the Conference Committee to move Sub SB1 forward.


Sub. S.B. 31

Sub SB31 has been voted to conference committee. Sub SB31 requires written consent for contact tracing by local health departments.

Please contact the Senate President, Larry Obhof, and respectfully ask him to assign and convene Conference Committee to move Sub SB31 forward.


Sub. S.B. 55

Sub SB55 passed both House and Senate but the Governor has said he will veto. Sub SB 55 removes the penalties and reduces fines for violating ODH orders to $100. That would make it easier for businesses and individuals to decide their own risks/benefits.

Please reach out to your State Senator and House Representative and ask them to vote to over-ride the veto.
Find your legislator here:


S.B. 311

SB311 has passed out of the Senate and now heads to the House. It is awaiting Committee assignment. Be prepared to answer upcoming calls to action on this legislation!

SB311 immediately rescinds the portion of the Director of Health’s order issued April 30, 2020, requiring individuals to stay home and requiring or continuing the closure of businesses. The bill specifies that all other orders or portions of orders issued by the Director on or after April 29, 2020, cease to be effective 14 days after the bill takes effect, unless the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) approves extensions of those orders by a specified vote. JCARR is required to consider information submitted by a board of health regarding the impact of an extension on the board’s jurisdiction. The bill prohibits specified future orders of the Director from being effective for more than 14 days unless, at the Director’s request, JCARR approves an extension by that same vote. The bill also requires certain future orders of the Director to be signed by the Governor. The bill specifies that the Director may make certain public health rules to prevent the spread of disease only in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, and is prohibited from making emergency rules, rule amendments, or Office of Research and Drafting LSC Legislative Budget Office, Fiscal Note rescissions under the Act. Under the bill, any Ohio citizen is given standing to seek a court order that the Director comply with the bill’s requirements, and specifies that the citizen is not required to prove that irreparable harm will result if the court does not issue the order. The bill also prohibits executive action that would prohibit in-person high school graduations or restrict in-person high school graduations in specified ways.


S.B. 121 and H.B. 165

SB 121 and HB165 are still in committee and confirmation has been received that both of these bills are dead. HFO and our members have stood in opposition to both of these bills.

SB121 and HB165 require the adoption of CDC National Health Standards. SB121 also removes the concurrent resolution between House and Senate when adding health curriculum and/or standards in the state of Ohio.


H.B. 132

HB 132 has had one hearing and is in committee. HB 132 requires public and nonpublic schools to notify the parent or guardian of each student of the exemptions from immunizations that are required to attend school. The notice of exemptions must be in the same manner as the notice of immunization requirements.

Please contact the Chair of the Primary and Secondary Education Committee, Don Jones, and ask for a hearing and due process on this bill.


H.B. 268

HB 268 has not had any hearings. HB 268 enacts section 4113.73 of the Revised Code to enact the “Medical Consumer Protection Act” to prohibit an employer from taking an adverse employment action against a person who has not been or will not be vaccinated.

Please contact the Chair of the House Commerce and Labor Committee, Gayle Manning, and ask for a hearing and due process on this bill.


H.B. 624

HB 624 has passed out of the House and is in the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. HB 624 requires the reporting and release of certain COVID-19 testing and related information.

Please contact the Chair of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, Bill Coley, and ask for a hearing and due process on this bill.


H.B. 763

HB 763 terminates the COVID-19 state of emergency in Ohio. It is currently introduced in the House and awaiting Committee assignment.


U.S. Congress – HR 6680 – The Heroes Act
Do not support HR 6680, the Heroes Act, (scroll through the bill and use all pinks marked ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Pandemic’ to review the subsection – this bill has gone through several revisions) before you have read the entire bill. It is being touted as a bill to send more stimulus checks to Americans and nursing homes, but it has billions of dollars in pork spending embedded in the bill for establishing nationwide mandatory Covid track and trace measures that violate our constitutional rights.

If, after reading the bill, you want to prevent this, you must call and email your Senators.