Liberty Action Council Meetings

Liberty Action Council Ohio Meetings

The purpose of these meetings is to strengthen the activities of Liberty Action Council Ohio.

Download the PDF of the Liberty Action Council Plan


Next Liberty Action Council Ohio General Meeting – Monday, May 10th at 7pm on Zoom. RESERVE for this meeting. You will receive an email confirmation with the meeting information. Or you can call 330-539-2320 to tell us you’re coming. If no one picks up, leave a message and we will call you back. **Note: We are forming action committees that are meeting on a weekly basis and making progress reports in the general meetings. To find out more about committees that you can participate in, please attend one of our general meetings.

We encourage in-person gathering as a means to connect and share our humanity in discussions of preserving and protecting our Liberty. Due to the growing censorship of our free speech in all popular media, in-person contact is essential to support and grow our initiatives. So, we encourage you to join us at our meeting location in Boardman. If you are not able to do so, reserve here.


If you are a small, local business owner and you’re tired of Covid mandates that are restricting/deteriorating your ability to earn income and and manage your employees, we are starting meetings for business owners. There is a lot we can do to reclaim our rights as small business owners fed up with state government dictating how many customers we can serve at a time and how much our business can earn under Covid. Contact us to be placed on the list for notifications about these meetings.