Is Covid-19 Testing Accurate?

Is Covid-19 Testing Accurate?


If you are not sick DO NOT get tested for Covid. The above video makes some points as to why not that you can continue to vet on your own.

However, a positive result on the test can turn into a negative one the very next day. Many people have experienced this, including Governor Dewine of Ohio state who was required to be tested in order to receive the President during a stop in the state. So, the tests aren’t accurate.

**Most importantly, when you agree to be tested, you are automatically agreeing to be entered in both the state and federal database for track and trace that most states have already implemented. This means that once you are tested, you will likely be contacted by your local health department who, at their discretion, can also send someone out to your home to check on you and retest you.

In addition, state track and trace in many states allows for the health department to gain access to your confidential medical records (in violation of HIPPA law) and enter them into a database that non-medical staff will then have access to! So, weigh these very carefully and research the present track and trace mandates in your state before even considering getting tested. And, if you are sick and think you’ve been infected with SARS-COV2, see your doctor to discuss all your alternatives before agreeing to a test.**

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