InJecting Kids Without Informed Consent or Permission From Parents

Our Government Has Become Evil and We Must Fight To Stop It

Do you have kids or no anyone who does? It is unconscionable that a legislative body in America would even consider putting government in between parents and their children by sanctioning a situation in which minors are encouraged and brainwashed into lying to their parents and conspiring with their own teachers to keep secrets from their parents! – Particularly when the secret involves government pushing drugs on minors. Yes, read right.

Government legally allowed to push dope on minors? Could it happen here? It already has!


Call for Unified Nationwide Action Asking DC Mayor to Veto B23-0171

PLEASE continue to contact the Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, to tell her to VETO B23-0171. WE HAVE MORE TIME! Spread this far and wide!

The DC City Council passed the dangerous and predatory bill B23-0171 by a final vote of 10:3 on Tuesday 11/17/2020. This law will not only permit children 11 years old and older to consent to vaccines on their own without parental knowledge or consent, the bill requires insurance companies, vaccine providers and schools to conceal the fact that the child has been vaccinated from the parent! It also sets up these young children to be targets of bullying and coercion to be vaccinated behind their parents’ backs! We strongly oppose this bill.

The Mayor of DC has up to 10 days to respond. There are three possible actions the Mayor can take: 1) Veto (our preferred action), which would stop the bill from becoming law as long as 2/3 the council doesn’t vote to override the veto, (2) Sign, which would move the bill forward to Congress for review, or 3) No signature, which has the same effect as her signing it.

Normally the bill would be sent to the Mayor after the bill is passed, and therefore the clock for 10 calendar days for the Mayor to respond would already be expired.

NVIC’s Director of Advocacy spoke directly with the legislative director of the DC Council this morning, and he told her that the DC Council has not sent the Mayor the bill yet for response, so the 10 day period has not even started. This is good news as we have more time to have more people contact the Mayor requesting a veto.

This delay is not typical, and no definitive reason was given for it although stressors from the current COVID-19 situation was cited as likely contributing. He also explained that once the DC Council sends the Mayor the bill, the legislative website will be automatically updated to reflect that. There will be an entry in the legislative history column indicating the bill is under review by the Mayor and the date it was sent will be included. The 10-calendar day countdown (excluding weekends and holidays) will start from there. You can monitor this at

You may be wondering why you are receiving this update even if you don’t live in DC. Over the past 2 years, has tracked and issued opposing positions on 33 various minor consent to vaccination bills filed across many states, and this is the only one that has passed. Your opposition to the other bills filed in other states helped stop the rest. This bill is different and far worse from the others in that this is the only bill that compels authority figures in the child’s life to deliberately conceal the fact the child was vaccinated from the child’s parent! Also this bill covers ALL ACIP recommended vaccines. DC is our nation’s capital, and if this is allowed to be implemented there, we can expect bills like this to threaten our children and families in all 50 states. All of us in every state and DC need to work together to stop this.

We ALL need to seize this opportunity of extra time to continue to let the Mayor know that America is watching and undermining the parent child relationship and removing parental rights is not an acceptable action by government!


Contact DC Mayor Muriel Bowser IMMEDIATELY to VETO B23-0171 Vaccinating Children Behind Parents’ Backs.
Use the above link if you live in D.C., to schedule a meeting with the Mayor. Otherwise, use the contact info below.

Phone: (202) 727-2643
Facebook: @MayorMurielBowser
Twitter: @MurielBowser & @MayorBowser
Instagram: @mayor_bowser


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