Important Covid Action Alerts

CDC and WHO double-talk and the nefarious relationship between the CDC and ASIP. They’re professional liars!

What You Don’t Know Could Kill You!

Get informed about the truth about vaccines that you probably have never been told or heard about. You will not be in the position to exercise your right to informed consent and your right to refuse, unless you know all sides of the vaccine debate and the truth about the harm many vaccines cause that far outweighs the benefits. **View this video of the peer-reviewed science and vaccines to understand why you need to be suspicious of them.

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 – Episode 10

If you knew that a vaccine that you take today can alter your DNA and change your human genome would you still take it? If you knew that a vaccine you take today could cause serious illness, the symptoms for which you will not even see for 10, 15, 20 years after you take the vaccine, would you still take it?


  1. There are already published articles and studies on the Phase 1 through 3 human trials of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and others. Each of these vaccines has been shown to produce troubling side effects while altering the human genome to make the immune system vaccine-dependent in order to function. This happens by way of weakening the innate and adaptive immune responses and makes the immune system more and more reliant on vaccination. The current projected schedule for the Covid-19 vaccine is every 3 months.
  2. The mRNA vaccines currently being tested cause some of the same symptoms as SARS-COV2 infection. Once people who are vaccinated start showing those symptoms, they will blame those symptoms on a second and third wave of Covid.
  3. As some state mandates have been relaxed or removed, and people in many states are refusing to wear masks in public, citing any number of exemptions, as the Fall and winter set in, they will blame any new infections due to colds and seasonal flu on Covid-19 and will use that as justification to reinstate lockdowns, stiffen mandates for mandatory wearing of masks (even in your home) and will insist on mandatory testing and vaccination – even as the scientific data points to the fact that natural herd immunity has already been achieved in most of the world.
  4. They will use the above circumstances to insist, without any proof or scientific basis, that there is a second wave and a third wave of the ‘pandemic’ that will now necessitate that all, current inexpensive methods for treating the infection must be abandoned and replaced with world-wide mandatory vaccination of the population, beginning in the U.S.
  5. The above will include mandatory track and trace in every state that will give all non-medical track and trace employees access to all your medical records, with the right to call and text you on a regular basis, as well as, show up at your door unsolicited to retest you for Covid and vaccinate you when they decide that is necessary (see the Heroes Act, HR 6800, passed in the House and now up for a vote in the Senate).
  6. With pronouncements of a second and third wave of Covid, Covi digital passes (already rolled out in Europe) will be required to be carried by everyone, as part of track and trace world-wide, so that your blood antibodies and all your medical records can be scanned anywhere at anytime. The purpose of the Covi pass is to have a mechanism for determining if you have been vaccinated on the mandated Covid schedule. If you have not, you will not be allowed to leave your home for any reason, you won’t be able to get and keep a job, and if you disobey, you will be automatically fined on a daily basis. How will they get the money? If pending legislation gets out of committee, the Covi pass will be linked to your bank account and credit cards. How will they know if you’ve been injected with a vaccine or not? The vaccine will have Injectable Biochip Implants in it (Verichip– already developed and used on animals) that will identify that you have been vaccinated. We’re not making this up. Bill Gates, members of the World Economic Forum, GAVI, WHO partners and others have spoken publicly about these plans. Links to some of those recordings appear on this web site.
  7. Censorship of any dissenting voices, in violation of our first amendment right to free speech, will become the norm. For example, when POTUS recently tweeted his approval of alternative, inexpensive therapies for treating Covid, even his tweets were immediately removed.
  8. Now, why would government agencies and private business do such a things? Years ago they began setting up hedge funds for the great economic reset and have raised trillions of investment capital to fund these steps. A corporation’s first responsibility is to its stakeholders. They now have to show their investors a return on their investment. In order for that to occur, their Covid vaccines and other related medications have to be sold all over the world, and made mandatory by law.

Who are they? The small band of the elite who want to control the socio-economic landscape of the entire world. This group includes career politicians in our state and federal legislatures.

It’s profits before people, as usual – unless we act now.