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We urge you to hear all sides of the debate and science first, so that you can make the best informed decision about what action to take with your right to consent.

Moratorium On All Mandates, Testing and Vaccination

  1. In the past, outbreaks have not been claimed to be epidemics or pandemics until the intact virus or bacteria has been isolated and viewed with an electron microscope and then purified and tested in strict compliance with Koch’s postulate (see…in this book). Pictures of the intact virus are then taken. But, then the virus has to be purified, tested and repurified meeting the standard of Koch’s postulate. Officials at the CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH and NIAID have publicly admitted that this has not been done with SARS-COV2.

Taking a picture of a virus is not enough. Once the virus has been isolated, purified and tested and then repurified, meeting the standard of Koch’s postulate, only then can an outbreak of the virus even be considered, based on epidemiogical studies where the host or hosts are identified, interviewed and tested. An example of this is depicted in the film, And the Band Played On, an accurate portrayal of the unfolding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. (movie link here)

Since, to date, the SARS-COV2 virus has never been isolated in the above manner, we do not know what is infecting people with the so called ‘Covid-19’ disease. We don’t even know if it is SARS-COV2 or some other virus or bacteria. A pandemic has been declared when the virus has not been adequately studied. This is not science. It’s marketing and medical tyranny.

In addition, Covid-19 is a label being given to symptoms that are not based on having properly isolated and tested the virus. Further, the symptoms for Covid-19 are actually symptoms that any number of other health conditions and diseases also present. So, issuing Covid-19 mandates for quarantine, testing, masks and so on are not only not based on available science, but criminal.

Because, if the symptomology for Covid-19 is exactly the same as other seasonal flus, bacterial infections, other chronic health conditions and other infectious disease, how do we know that the infection is due to SARS-COV2?

  1. Any qualified epidemiologist and virologist will tell you that the only important number with respect to qualifying the danger of an outbreak is the actual death count of mortality that can be traced directly to a virus that has been properly identified (see number 1 above). It’s the actual death toll that gives health officials and government the data they need to determine whether or not there is a public health danger. So, every effort must be made to separate death by underlying conditions from death by the virus, in order to have as accurate a death count as possible.

With Covid-19, this has not been done. In fact, the death counts have been grossly exaggerated by health departments in all states, based on symptoms that are common to many diseases, not distinct to SARS-COV2 alone. [supporting links here and below]

  1. Masks. There are no scientific studies that prove or disprove the ability of facemasks to prevent infection of SARS-COV2. These studies and tests have never been done because the virus has never been properly isolated and tested intact. Even given this, simple epidemiological studies can and should have been done during mandated, state lockdowns.

It’s a simple study. You put people healthy people under quarantine for 14 days in close quarters. Some of these people should be people who are infected with the virus and presenting symptoms. You require half of them to wear masks for that period and the other half not. In that period, you take a measurement based on both observation of symptoms and testing.

Did the infected people not wearing masks pass the virus to people wearing masks?

Did the infected people not wearing masks pass the virus to people not wearing masks?

Did infected people wearing masks pass the virus to those not wearing masks?

This study can also be done by having toxicologists interview infected and non-infected clusters of people within each community and within households, along with observations and examination of medical history – connected to clusters of people wearing and not wearing masks.

An example of this is the accurate portrayal (according to the research that first identified the HIV/AIDS virus) of the unfolding of the AIDS epidemic and the contamination of the U.S. blood supply in the film And the Band Played On that can be viewed free here

It can also be viewed on Hulu, free, with an account

Regarding ‘Covid-19,’ these studies have never been done. Until they are, there should be no mandates for mandatory mask wearing because such mandates (currently) are not based on science and are a violation of our constitutional rights. People who want to wear masks should be allowed to. People who don’t should be allowed not to.

In contrast, there is a lot of science behind the fact that masks can harm human health (including printed guidelines by OSHA and the FDA against prolonged mask wearing) – and some evidence-based studies that show that masks do not protect against airborne viruses and can even help spread those viruses. So, simple, epidemiological studies should and can be done to prove or disprove mask-wearing as a deterrent to infection. Before issuing mandates that take away our rights, the science better be very, very strong in support of the mandates. Currently, it is not. See the links offered below under ‘Masks/Face Coverings.’

Further, as the summer temperatures rise, the virus weakens and disappears. We know this from our study of past Coronavirus outbreaks. And yet, public health officials have been parroting statements like, “We know that people partying in houses have infected the community with the virus because they were not wearing masks.” Etc.

How do they know that? Because, in order for health departments to even review a situation, there has to be a complaint that is then investigated and documented as to the findings. Here in Mahoning County, the health commissioner has been parroting this same noise to convince the public to stand behind mandatory face covering mandates.

However, there have been no complaints that have been investigated of people throwing parties over a holiday weekend where masks were not worn and people left those homes and contracted symptoms of SARS-COV2.

More incredibly, we know that the virus has a gestation period of up to two weeks before people present symptoms. So, if anyone at these parties had developed symptoms of infection 1-2 weeks later, how could it be proved that they got infected at one of these house parties 2 weeks prior!? They could have been infected anywhere else, at any time, even from a person wearing a mask.

“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” ~ Adolf Hitler

  1. Testing. ‘Covid-19’ tests that are not based on the actual pathogen having been isolated, purified, tested and re-purified, according to Koch’s postulate are not accurate tests – because they have not been developed based on examining the intact virus using electron microscopy. Therefore, any current testing for ‘Covid-19’ is not an accurate test for SARS-COV2, the virus for which ‘Covid-19’ has been labeled, because SARS-COV2 has never been properly examined in this way, and any such examination has never taken the necessary form of published, peer-reviewed studies.

In addition, there are proved problems with both the existing tests:

  • Igg/Igm antibody serology test
  • RT-PCR test

The CDC has consistently warned that the serology test should never be used to test for ‘Covid-19.’ There are other organizations, doctors, and researchers who back this statement.

That leaves the RT-PCR test. This test is inaccurate for SARS-COV2 because it detects traces of RNA nucleotide proteins that may not represent the wild virus itself. The test also detects any and all Coronaviruses that are in the blood and cells, including those that are present due to:

  • Live coronaviruses that have been present in all flu vaccines for more than 15 years and injected in millions of people who have taken the annual flu shot. This will present as a false positive on the RT-PCR test.
  • Coronaviruses that cause symptoms of the common cold. This will present as a false positive on the RT-PCR test.
  • Traces/pieces of other viruses and gram negative bacteria that will cause false positives due to the fact that the RT-PCR test has to augment the nucleotides of these substances in order to read them on the test.

The RT-PCR test will detect neutralized, dead viruses of all types (not just SARS-COV2) and result in a false positive for Covid as a result.

Regarding the above paragraph, because the RT-PCR test will detect other viruses (and bacteria) that may be dead/neutralized or live, it may miss detection of the presence of SARS-COV2, thereby giving a false negative.

In recent, evidence-based research, SARS-COV2 has been shown to currently have 65 mutations that have yet to be studied. These mutations have spread all over the world. Therefore, it is likely that most people on the planet have already been infected with some form of the virus.

There are safe, tested and proved treatments for SARS-COV2. So, it is far better to work with your doctor or other qualified health professional for use of available treatments fro prevention and cure (like HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine – a quinine derivative that has been FDA approved and used for years in a variety of treatments), Vitamin C, Zinc and others), rather than submitting to inaccurate testing.

It is best for people to focus on the many available, holistic means for strengthening their immune systems to prevent infection, and to also strengthen their adaptive immunity, should they get infected.

People with serious, underlying chronic health conditions/diseases and people with compromised immune systems must take extra precautions from being infected. People over the age of 70 must also take extra precautions. These precautions should be taken in discussion with a doctor or health professional who you trust.

  1. Trust. Big Pharma has a very long and documented history of placing profits before people. This history includes internal documents that have been made public due to litigation in the courts for which Big Pharma and Biotech companies have lost cases. It has also been revealed by the increasing number of whistleblowers working for these companies who have now gone public. For more information, we recommend you dig down into these two organizations that have brought and won litigation against Big Pharma, including vaccine manufacturers.

Part of this revelation is connected to the following, government entities and associated entities engaged in setting public policy on health:

CDC – The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

WHO – World Health Organization

John Hopkins Center for Public Health

NIH – National Institutes of Health

Anthony Fauci/NIAID – National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

The bureaucrats who lead these organizations (although some of them have DR. in front of their names) have not practiced medicine in the treatment of patients for many years, if ever.

And they all own patents on vaccines, testing equipment and other related treatment protocols and devices. This means they have serious conflicts of interest in what they are proposing with respect to the present ‘pandemic.’ For example, each stands to reap tremendous profits if they can convince government officials to make vaccines and other treatments mandatory, worldwide.

This means they cannot be trusted to present the science for and against, in a way that places people above profits. With respect to the Coronavirus crisis, this makes the above organizations and their management marketing companies for what are known to be toxic interventions at best, that actually kill people. Many of the management personnel still working for and representing these organizations to the public are convicted felons with criminal records.

Should we trust such people to dictate public health policy worldwide? Here are links to episodes 8 and 9 of the docuseries, The Truth About Vaccines 2020. In episode 8, you will find video footage of private meetings of the W.H.O. and CDC obtained by way of court cases won against these organizations and other vaccine manufacturers. See for yourself the vast difference between what these public health organizations tell us, and what they discuss privately regarding the efficacy of their policies. Then you decide.

Episode 8

Episode 9

  1. Censorship prevents proper scientific debate and examination of available science to get at the truth. In this way, it prevents people from examining the Truth.

Immediately after presenting known, available science connected to Covid that challenges the current ideology presented by mainstream media and the organizations listed in #5 above,

…and after interviewing whistleblowers who worked for and, in some cases, still work for these organizations, the following were censored from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and, in some cases Twitter, (and some, after being reinstated have been banned repeatedly or permanently) – this is a partial list:

  1. Ty and Charlene Bollinger – The Truth About Vaccines
  2. Charlene Bollinger – The Google Whistleblower Interviews
  3. Del Bigtree – The High Wire and the Informed Consent Action Network
  4. Stand For Health Freedom
  5. com
  6. Judy Mikovits
  7. Rashid Buttar
  8. Mike Adams – The Forensic Food Laboratory
  9. The Bhakta School of Transformation (Yes, Facebook banned our posts for our Whole Life Transformation Summit in which we interviewed top doctors and other known health and healing practitioners, some of whom spoke about Covid-19. FB stated that the summit presented false, misleading and/or fraudulent information to the public. And this was before the summit ever aired! They had not seen the interviews.)

If ideology is not supported by true science, the ideology must be discarded. This is just as important with respect to decisions that are being made in the present Covid crisis that are taking away our rights, based on ideology that is not backed by science.

And true science is and always has been based on scientific debate that is cultivated and embraced to hear and consider all sides of the argument, based on the available science, before any public mandates are made.

Such science must be heard, debated and acted on, even if it means that economic interests are challenged by it and economies are required to change as a result of it – and even if it means that moral and criminal scandals are exposed in the process.

An example of one such debate is that which recently occurred between Attorney Alan Dershowitz and Attorney and Health Freedom and Environmental Advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense. View the recording of the debate here

There should be many more debates like this before any more decisions are made concerning Covid.

  1. Immunity Passes for all is a dumb (yet profitable) idea that is not based on sound science. Yet, people in some countries are standing in line to get immunity passes for Covid.

Understand something: Coronaviruses like SARS-COV2 mutate very quickly. Even if there is a SARS-COV2 vaccine that is properly safety-tested with third-party oversight with no conflicts of interests (currently this is not the case), and even if accurate testing for the virus is developed (it currently does not exist), and even if the efficacy of a vaccine for this virus is peered-reviewed amongst epidemiologists, virologists and immunologists and found to be perfect, the vaccine will not protect 100% of those injected (the current projection is 50-60%, maybe). And the vaccine will have harmful side-effects that may result in death for those with underlying diseases.

But most importantly, it will be a vaccine that will only target the present, known strain of the virus, not any of its mutations. This means that any immunity passes issued will have to be renewed every 3, 6 or 12 months, based on new vaccines to address new strains of the virus or other, novel viruses!

And what that means is perpetual vaccination of the masses. This is why government and health officials and Big Pharma have now changed their tune by coming up with a scheme, stating that antibodies produced by any new vaccine may only last 3 months, thereby necessitating the need for vaccination every 3 months, indefinitely. It’s marketing with the intention of destroying all perceived competition!

  1. The Destruction of the Doctor/Patient Relationship is upon us. When you need medical treatment, who do you call? Your doctor or the CDC? When you get sick and require medical advice, do you call Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci or CNN, or do you call the doctor whom you have placed your trust in? Because if you get sick from a vaccine that is not safe, it will be your doctor that has to help you deal with the long-term consequences, not government or private industry!

If you work with a chosen medical or health/healing professional, that practitioner has examined and monitored your medical history. Due to this fact, this is the only person who can help you make informed decisions, using your right to informed consent, to decide on a course of treatment or prevention with respect to SARS-COV2. Government and industry cannot.

And yet, in the midst of today’s Coronavirus crisis, we are seeing unprecedented actions being taken to censor doctors and other health care professionals who are successfully treating Covid with inexpensive, FDA approved remedies that have worked in healing even the sickest and eldest of our population of SARS-COV2.

And it doesn’t stop there. Currently, doctors who are speaking out about these successful treatments that make a vaccine unnecessary are being fired from their positions. In some cases, their licenses have been threatened or revoked, they have been vilified in smear campaigns in popular media, their videos and websites have been taken off the Internet and, in one case, domain names for their websites have been permanently disabled!

Once such doctor and her team is Dr. Simone Gold. Recently, this team of doctors who have been treating patients with SARS-COV2 infection and curing them, held a 7-hour summit in Washington D.C. The purpose of the summit was to present health practitioners, medical professionals and the general public with their findings on curing patients of the virus.

On a break from the summit, they held a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. This is the video of that press conference that was censored

This video got more than 17 million views on YouTube. It was quickly taken down and also censored from Google, Facebook, Instagram and references/links to it from Twitter were also censored. Shortly after this, Dr. Simone Gold was fired from her job in emergency medical practice and her domain name used for her website (which she owns) was disabled.

You can hear about this in her own words here

They have a new web site that you should review here

View the videos and then ask yourself Why would government and big business censor Dr. Gold and her team of doctors, violating her right to free speech protected by the first Amendment? Are you aware that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google are heavily financed by Big Pharma?

Dr. and Senator Scott Jensen was one of the first to uncover the scandal with respect to reporting Covid-19 as the cause of death on death certificates.

The following is reprinted from a section in the Coronavirus eBook. As a result of blowing the whistle on the state health department, he was brought up on charges by his state’s medical board and an investigation was opened, claiming that he was spreading dangerously misleading information about Covid and Covid deaths. They then threatened to take his license to practice medicine away. Due to a huge outcry from the public, along with media coverage of this tyranny, the state medical board ended its investigation and dropped all charges. So, Dr. and State Senator Jensen has been vindicated. This shows that his claims are supported by their actions.

Senator Scott Jensen video here–569489461.html

and here

and here

It is based on the above eight points that we present the links and information below as additions to this eBook. This section will be updated as new information becomes available that our vetting deems worth sharing. If you have already purchased this eBook, updates to this section will be made available to you, as they appear here.


From the very beginning of the SARS-COV2 outbreak, doctors, nurses, senators and researchers have been reporting that they have been pressured by local and state health departments to note Covid-19 as the cause of death on death certificates, even when the underlying cause of death is due to underlying conditions or diseases unrelated to SARS-COV2.

In addition, these same health professionals have reported that they have been told to make the same notation on death certificates when there is any doubt about SARS-COV2 infection (just to put down ‘Covid-19’) being the cause of death – without performing their duty to determine the actual cause of death.

The above-stated, we have been told, has a financial incentive behind it – in that if the patient is admitted to a hospital for ‘Covid-19,’ the doctor collects $13,000. And, if the patient is then place on a ventilator and then dies of whatever the underlying cause actually is, and the death certificate states death by Covid-19, the presiding doctor collects another $29-39,000. We’re not making this up!

As in previous outbreaks, the death rate due to SARS-COV2 is the only number that matters in determining whether or not we are experiencing a pandemic that requires emergency action. So, the death toll must be expressed accurately and government and the mainstream media have inflated the numbers drastically. Why? To prepare us for mandatory vaccination every 3 months, along with track and trace tied to digital immunity cards and blood microchips that will take away the rights and freedom of people who refuse the vaccine.

SARS-COV2 infections have flattened. It only appears to be otherwise, due to frightened people rushing to get tested with inaccurate tests, for an infection for which the testing organizations have no cure. Healthy people who have contracted the virus and expelled it, along with those who have been infected and fully recovered, will continue to test positive using the current tests.

More people are suddenly getting tested, hence the sudden uptick in positive results. Concerning Covid, these results are irrelevant because the majority of people being tested are healthy and asymptomatic. The survival/recovery rate for infected people in most countries, including the U.S. is over 99%. This means that healthy people with no serious underlying health conditions or diseases, and even some who do have these, are recovering completely without a vaccine.

So, ‘Covid-19’ is just about gone (in five months), has been the case with most flu-related viruses for almost a century. Given this fact, it really does appear as if our government and Big Pharma is trying to maintain the appearance of a pandemic long enough to mandate a vaccine.

This is not about health. It’s about money – trillions of dollars that have already been invested – and the protection of corporate economic interests connected to individual and corporate investment and ensuring returns on that investment.

Here are some links to support what is shared here, for your own further vetting:

See the CDC’s actual Covid death count by age/sex – the numbers are far lower than what is being reported.

Watch the full presentation video of the above to gain a better understanding – strongly recommended.

View the Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski whistleblower video – she wore a wire and hidden camera to document the above-stated abuses occurring at Elmhurst hospital, NYC, considered to be the epicenter of the pandemic.

View a video of a death certificate clerk speaking about how death certificates are supposed to be filed and with what criteria – in connection to the inaccurate reporting stated above.

More on falsified Covid numbers and recounts here

Dr. Kelly Victory breaking down the simple realities of Covid-19

In addition, in many states medical examiners have been prevented from performing autopsies on people certified as dying of SARS-COV2. If we are in a state of emergency being called a pandemic, why aren’t the bodies of the dead being autopsied to confirm the presence of the virus? Could it be that autopsies are not occurring in every because the virus has never been properly examined and is quickly disappearing?



You already know the narrative on wearing masks for protection from the virus because your state has likely mandated that you wear a mask whenever you leave your home. So, we are not presenting that side here.

You need to know the other side of the argument against mask-wearing and face coverings that is backed by scientific data and doctors treating patients with the virus. The government and mainstream media are not telling you about this data. This is what you’ll find in this section.

“The Covid virus was supposed to be contained in the kind of lab where people wear astronaut suits and go through triple sealed doors. It is a con of massive proportion to assert that now, having escaped those environs, a bandana will magically do the trick.” ~ Dr. Simone Gold

Be Cautious and Wear Masks

Right after the ‘pandemic’ was announced, we immediately promoted wearing medical masks to our volunteers. At that time, there was so much we did not know that required time to properly vet. Over the last six months, we have done that vetting and rigorously examined the science and the data. It is based on our extensive research that we offer the following regarding masks/facial coverings.

Even with the data we present in this section, we strongly feel that elderly people with underlying health conditions and disease should take extra precautions against becoming infected with SARS-COV2, a virus that we should all take seriously. Elderly people and those concerned about getting infected in the general population should speak with their doctor or health care professional in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to wear a mask.

Freedom of Informed Consent

Also, anyone who attends our meetings is told that they are welcome to wear a mask, if they choose to do so. We have also given this message to our staff. The key word here is choose, because even in a state of emergency, wearing a mask is a choice, based on informed consent, a choice that is protected under the Constitution of the United States.

Even in times of health crisis and uncertainty, that choice must be protected.

At the end of this section, we offer many references to scientific data on the efficacy of masks to protect from viruses and other contagions. It is only a partial list of references, as we found some 200+ studies on masks and facial coverings.

We offer these references so that the reader understands that, counter to what we are told by the media and public health officials and departments, a lot of scientific research has been performed on masks over a period of many years.

The Downside

Wearing masks is dehumanizing. It causes an unsubstantiated, unreasonable and unnecessary fear of contact with other human beings. Mask wearing increases feelings of shame and lack of worth. Doing so reduces human interaction, makes people unrecognizable as people, takes away face recognition thereby reducing the security of being identifiable and, most of all, is a deterrent to gathering together in solidarity to fight injustice and tyranny.

We are fed this ridiculous notion that we need to wear masks for the sake of others! This is stupidity. If others are wearing masks to protect themselves, you don’t need to wear one because they are protected. Period. So, mask mandates are not about protection from the virus. They about mass behavior control in preparation for the destruction of more of our rights and civil liberties.

In addition, wearing masks can be a harm to your health and will not prevent your being infected by the small viral particles of SARS-COV2.

“While a surgical mask may be effective in blocking splashes and large-particle droplets, a face mask, by design, does not filter or block very small particles in the air that may be transmitted by coughs, sneezes, or certain medical procedures. Surgical masks also do not provide complete protection from germs and other contaminants because of the loose fit between the surface of the mask and your face.”

Source: FDA

Cloth masks are even less effective in preventing the small viral particles of SARS-COV2 possibly contained in droplets of spittle or mucous from reaching your face from someone inside 3 feet of you. So, why are we forced to wear masks, particularly when the data shows that they don’t help and can do harm?

In Mahoning County, in the state of Ohio where our school is located, the county health commissioner is enforcing the Governor’s mask mandates by threatening business with searches and inspections by ‘sanatarians,’ based on a hotline that has been established for the public to file complaints that employees in a business have been observed not wearing masks.

In our state, constitutional lawyers have been winning every court case they have filed against the Governor’s mandates, beginning with lockdowns.

They have also won a case where the health department revoked a restaurant’s license because an employee was not wearing a mask. In the ruling, the judge had some very harsh words for the illegal actions of the Governor and the state department of health.

If you live in the state of Ohio, go to

and view the information about the cases that have been brought against mandates and won. These attorneys have also established that, regardless of any public health emergency in the state, the Governor cannot force anyone to wear a mask.

  1. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – on why masks don’t protect against the virus

2. Collection of mask studies and data, complied by Health Freedom Ohio, a balanced review

  1. The United States Department of Labor, on their OSHA regulations page for Covid-19 for employees and employers, clearly states that cloth and medical/surgical masks in the workplace will not prevent infection from any airborne bacteria, viruses or other pathogens. You can see that statement here (click on ‘cloth face coverings’)

  1. OSHA also clearly defines the necessity for regulations that allow a person to properly breathe in the workplace while wearing any protective devices. You can read that here


  1. Science teacher, in a ‘tongue in cheek’ parody style presentation, offers on-camera demonstration of danger of CO2 contamination from wearing a mask even for just a few minutes.

  1. And from a previous section in this book;

See what the U.S. surgeon general has to say about masks

  1. WHO Admits: No Direct Evidence Masks Prevent Viral Infection

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