Follow the Money – Huge Conflicts of Interest

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Follow the Money – Huge Conflicts of Interest

The truth is not always comfortable or convenient.

This page is dedicated to providing you with important information in this Coronavirus “Covid-19” crisis, regarding the many conflicts of interest that are behind current Covid health policy, track and trace, lockdowns and plans already in place for mandatory vaccination, that are being driven by the corruption of greed and profits over people.

This is an effort to inform you on all the facts so that you are able to fully exercise your right to informed consent and your right to refuse. Please take what you get from it and further vet the facts on your own, as necessary.

**Note: Due to the widening censorship of free speech connected to Covid, some links from this page may be disabled and/or videos and articles removed by the time you go to view. This is out of our control and we apologize for any inconvenience. We make every effort to keep links current when we can track down the censored content to a new platform.


Follow the money and connect the dots around the vaccine agenda. View Now.


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