Covid Legislation – Bills You Need to Read

There is a push to make certain Covid mandates law in Ohio state and on the part of the U.S. Congress. This is being done as part of a plan to consider mandatory Covid vaccination of everyone in the U.S., with restrictions of lifestyle and movement for anyone who refuses a vaccine.

This would also give state health departments the right to force a vaccine into you while being held down, even if it means dragging you from your home to do so. These plans, if passed into law, will be the end of bodily autonomy, the end health freedom by way of informed consent.


HB268, also known as, the “Medical Consumer Protection Act” will prevent your employer from taking an adverse employment action against you, should you decide to refuse a vaccine, which is your right under the Constitution.

For your sake, stop what you are doing and contact the Chair of the House Commerce and Labor Committee, Gayle Manning, and ask for a hearing on #HB268.

Gayle Manning (Chair)

Phone (614) 644-5076

Fax (614) 719-3957

Read the text of the bill text.

Contact your legislator. Tell them to push for this bill on behalf of their constituents. Find your legislator.


SENATE BILL 311 – To amend sections 3701.13 and 3701.14 of the Revised Code to modify the law governing public health orders, quarantine, and isolation. This is a bill to limit the powers of the Governor of the state and the state health department, so that draconian Covid mandates for lockdowns, track and trace and mandatory vaccination cannot occur without the action of the state legislature.

View the bill and contact your state legislator to press to get this bill out of committee and on the floor for a vote to pass.


U.S. Congress – HR 6680 – The Heroes Act
Do not support HR 6680, the Heroes Act, (scroll through the bill and use all pinks marked ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Pandemic’ to review the subsection – this bill has gone through several revisions) before you have read the entire bill. It is being touted as a bill to send more stimulus checks to Americans and nursing homes, but it has billions of dollars in pork spending embedded in the bill for establishing nationwide mandatory Covid track and trace measures that violate our constitutional rights.

If, after reading the bill, you want to prevent this, you must call and email your Senators.