Censorship – Violation of Our Free Speech – Propaganda of Dictatorships

Our Constitutional Right to Free Speech is Being Violated Under Covid In Ways That Echo Rights Violations In the Dictatorship of Some Foreign Countries!

Are we becoming the United States of China or Russia Now? Is this happening right before our eyes and, if so, are we going to take action to prevent the censorship of informed consent and the right to refuse? There’s a lot you can do to join together in solidarity. See below.

Censorship prevents proper scientific debate and examination of available science to get at the truth. In this way, it prevents people from examining the Truth.

Immediately after presenting known, available science connected to Covid that challenges the current ideology presented by mainstream media and the organizations listed in #5 above,

…and after interviewing whistleblowers who worked for and, in some cases, still work for these organizations, the following were censored from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and, in some cases Twitter, (and some, after being reinstated have been banned repeatedly or permanently) – this is a partial list:

  1. Ty and Charlene Bollinger – The Truth About Vaccines
  2. Charlene Bollinger – The Google Whistleblower Interviews
  3. Del Bigtree – The High Wire and the Informed Consent Action Network
  4. Stand For Health Freedom
  5. com
  6. Judy Mikovits
  7. Rashid Buttar
  8. Mike Adams – The Forensic Food Laboratory
  9. The Bhakta School of Transformation (Yes, Facebook banned our posts for our Whole Life Transformation Summit in which we interviewed top doctors and other known health and healing practitioners, some of whom spoke about Covid-19. FB stated that the summit presented false, misleading and/or fraudulent information to the public. And this was before the summit ever aired! They had not seen the interviews.)

If ideology is not supported by true science, the ideology must be discarded. This is just as important with respect to decisions that are being made in the present Covid crisis that are taking away our rights, based on ideology that is not backed by science.

And true science is and always has been based on scientific debate that is cultivated and embraced to hear and consider all sides of the argument, based on the available science, before any public mandates are made.

Such science must be heard, debated and acted on, even if it means that economic interests are challenged by it and economies are required to change as a result of it – and even if it means that moral and criminal scandals are exposed in the process.

An example of one such debate is that which recently occurred between Attorney Alan Dershowitz and Attorney and Health Freedom and Environmental Advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense. View the recording of the debate here


There should be many more debates like this before any more decisions are made concerning Covid.

Progressive Commentary Hour – Our National Vaccination Regime: Debunking the arguments behind mandatory vaccination and the removal of religious and philosophical exemptions. Doctors, attorneys and world renowned scientists being censored.

The Age of Bit Burning
Aldous Huxleys Prophecy from 1958; College Kids Asked To Snitch; The Google Whistleblower Is Back With A Sobering Prediction; PR Mastermind Behind Worlds Biggest Whistleblowers Tells All. Censorship of Informed Consent.

What Can You Do About It?

Join and support these organizations who are fighting to protect our God-given, constitutional rights and our right to health freedom by way of informed consent and the right to refuse.

State of Ohio
Ohio Stands Up!

1851 Center for Constitutional Law – Ohio – Winning Cases Against Mandates

Health Freedom Ohio

Children’s Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

America Needs a Second Opinion On Covid

Informed Consent Action Network

Stand For Health Freedom