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Love and Liberty, Not Fear

Protect Your God-Given, Constitutional Rights Through Direct and Sustained Contact With Legislators and Other Elected Officials – Join Us In Shaping Our Governance! The best way to do so is to Join Our Community – Become a Liberty Action Council Ohio Ally!

We are at a huge tipping point in our existence as a society. Tyranny under fascism now reigns in America. This is no more obvious and blatant than under Covid where censorship, discrimination and segregation by illegal emergency health mandates and a growing corporatocracy now rule. We are no longer free as a society.

Our God-given rights under the Constitution are under constant attack, and many of these rights are being stripped away before our very eyes. The only question now is, “What are we prepared to do to regain our freedom?”

Liberty Action Council Ohio works tirelessly on behalf of our community to influence lawmakers and other elected officials to enact laws that protect the sovereignty of the individual under God.

This is accomplished by way of

  1. Our educational programs in Liberty and our God-given rights, as elucidated in the state and Federal Constitutions of our Republic.
  2. The execution of our Liberty Action Council Plan for communities across the state of Ohio and beyond.

We are an all-volunteer group of concerned citizens intent on protecting our Republic from the violation of tyranny and the corruption of greed inherent in such tyranny – tyranny that is, today, disguised as overreaching and fascist public health and security measures on the part of government, expressed as being ‘for the good of the majority.’

In order to expand our mission, we need you as an Ally, to help generate the funds necessary to sustain our offering and thrive. To this end, when you become an Ally by making the monthly subscription payment, you join other Allies who help sustain our efforts with the funding we need to continue and grow.

Liberty Action Council Ohio is backed by The Bhakta School of Transformation, a 501c3 non-profit public charity. All donations (including subscription payments) are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Ally Engagement Subscription

Introductory offer – $20/month, per person. Your support is critically important at this time. When you become an Ally of Liberty Action Council Ohio, you get access to wonderful, useful benefits, including the following:

  • Monthly meetings with expert speakers in the field of health freedom and informed consent (a different speaker each month), alternative holistic health and well-being therapies, the Constitution, constitutional law, civil rights and human rights, public health policy and the destruction of Liberty under Covid, advocacy at the local, state and federal levels and a variety of relevant topics of importance to Love, Liberty, Fearlessness and Bodily Autonomy.
  • Know your rights and how to protect them. Education in the State and Federal constitutions of our Republic.
  • Screenings of important documentaries with discussion and Q&A with a panel of experts after each screening.
  • Education in how to implement the Liberty Action Council Plan for strengthening the role communities must play in their own governance.
  • Education in health freedom informed consent and how to protect your bodily autonomy.
  • Education in the risks vs. the benefits of pharmaceuticals and medical interventions.
  • Education in alternative, holistic health and well-being therapies, including those for the healing and prevention of Coronavirus infection.
  • Basic financial skills and education in how the economy and personal finance works.
  • 10% discounts on all special events.

Monthly meetings with experts are based on themes in an alternating series. Some meeting topics include:

  • Understanding Our God-Given Rights Elucidated In the Constitution
  • The Execution to Roll Out the Liberty Action Council Plan In Every County, In Order to Protect Our Constitution and Republic
  • How to Fully Engage Direct and Sustained Contact With Legislators and Other Elected Officials
  • The Great Reset
  • Vaccine Passports
  • Notice of Liability to Protect Yourself From Vaccine Injury In the Workplace
  • Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated – Which Are Healthier?
  • How to Protect the Health and Well-Being of Our Children Against Corporatocracy
  • Mindless Consumerism to Mindful Consumerism
  • Basic financial skills and education in how the economy and personal finance works.
  • Liberty Leadership Training
  • Effective, Alternative Therapies for Treating SAR-COV2 Infection
  • Ending the Plague of Corruption In Public Health Policy
  • And Much More!

Please support our mission to strengthen our communities in Love, Liberty and the protection of our God-given rights.