Inexpensive, Effective Alternatives To Vaccination

Are Covid Shots Right For You and
What Are the Alternatives
For Protection and Cure of Infection?

We are not promoting anti-vaccine beliefs.  Some vaccines are safe, the benefits for which greatly outweigh the risks. However, this may not be the case with the experimental gene therapy shots that are named Covid-19 vaccines.

Our aim on this page is to help you to become informed about alternative, inexpensive therapies that have been available and licensed for use by the FDA to treat the SARS-COV2 virus and its variants, in discussion with your doctor or other chosen health practitioner. These treatments have been used successfully to treat thousands of people infected with the virus. We hope you will use the information on this page to make your own informed decision about these alternative, inexpensive therapies.

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If There Is An Inexpensive, Effective, Non-Toxic
Treatment for the Virus, Would You Take It?

Here is a partial list of alternative therapies that have been used both to protect against the virus and cure infection from contamination. Speak to your doctor or health practitioner about taking these therapies. These therapies have been on the market for many years and the pharmaceuticals on this list are already licensed by the FDA:

·  Nebulized Peroxide
·  Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc
·  Hydroxychloroquine
·  Ivermectin
·  Budesonide
·  Intravenous Vitamin C, D and Zinc
·  Azithromycin
·  Iodine

**Ask your doctor about these alternative treatments. We recommend you pose one question to your doctor: “If I ever get infected with the SARS-COV2 virus or any of its mutations, will you prescribe these alternative, effective treatments in place of a Covid shot?

Alternatively, use the following link to find out more:

How Do I Get COVID-19 Medication?

How Do I Get COVID-19 Medication?

Download a copy of a flyer with highlights of this information, to make copies to give to family, loved ones, friends and associates.