Action Alerts For Youngstown City Council & Any City Council


This page is dedicated to action items directed to the Youngstown City Council to protect our constitutional, human and civil rights that are being repeatedly violated under Covid emergency mandates. From time-to-time, we will post sample letters here with important calls to action to email and call city council members. **Please use the sample letter and information below and tailor it to send to your city council members in your county.

Use this letter to email all members of the city council now. Revise as you see fit. This is to pre-empt any consideration by the Youngstown City Council to adopt any bill like the one just passed in D.C. The letter is self-explanatory.


Dear   ,

I am writing to you to express my shock at the passage of B23-0171 by the Washington D.C. city council.

The DC City Council passed the dangerous and predatory bill B23-0171 by a vote of 10:3 on Tuesday 11/17/2020. It has now been passed into law by the D.C. Mayor’s negligence in vetoing the bill.

We Don’t Want This Here

This law will not only permit children 11 years old and older to consent to vaccines on their own without parental knowledge or consent, the bill requires insurance companies, vaccine providers and schools to conceal the fact that the child has been vaccinated from the parent! It also sets up these young children to be targets of bullying and coercion to be vaccinated behind their parent’s backs!

The law prevents underage children from voting, buying alcohol, cigarettes, going into bars without a parent or guardian, etc. and underage children do not have the ability to make sound decisions regarding their own health and welfare, nor are they educated in the medical science necessary to address any injury they may encounter from taking a vaccine. And yet, government has deemed underage children fit enough to lie to their own parents under government mandate!

There are multiple federal and local laws that will be broken by this new DC law:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act on 1986

Religious Exemption to Vaccination

The law is also in conflict with Supreme Court precedent affirming parental rights,

and it puts children’s health and safety at risk not only for serious reactions and even possible death,

but it exposes children to be victims of under documented over-vaccination.

More about the D.C. bill here

We don’t want this in our city.

Also, I am appalled at the use of my tax dollars to create surveillance systems in our schools to surveil our kids to monitor temperatures and the wearing of masks. I am referring to this

Youngstown Schools install thermometers, mask alarms

And to now attempt to frame this as a security measure that will control the school’s maintenance and protect against sex offenders is to insult my intelligence. This is clearly an attack on my kids and our kids and I demand that this surveillance system be removed from any and all schools it has been installed in.

I don’t need the city of Youngstown to protect my child’s health. That’s between me, my child and our doctor. This is a discriminatory practice that is in violation of our Constitutional Rights and we’re not going to take this any longer.

Will you stand against such measures in Youngstown? Will you protect my constitutional rights, my human rights and that of my children against such evil and fraudulent measures?


[your name, address and phone number here]


Send the above letter as an email to City Council members and then call to follow up on your email. Keep sending the email until you get an answer to the questions at the end of the email.

President DeMaine Kitchen
Phone: (330) 506-6646

Councilman Julius T. Oliver
Phone: (330) 259-6158

Councilman Jimmy Hughes
Phone: (330) 272-5108

Councilwoman Samantha Turner
Phone: (330) 398-9514

Councilman Mike Ray
Phone: (330) 792-5956

Councilwoman Lauren McNally
Phone: (330) 423-2112

Councilwoman Anita Davis
Phone: (330) 207-0302

Councilwoman Basia Adamczak
Phone: (330) 518-6942