A Message From Our Founder

Lately, we’ve heard a number of high-profile leaders in the health freedom movement announce that they are against mandatory vaccination because the Covid vaccine is unsafe and has never been properly safety tested – and that people injured by this vaccine will never be able to sue the manufacturers or anyone else for damages.

While these are facts that must be considered, here at the Liberty Action Council, we are against any mandatory uptake of any health treatment or therapy. So, we are against making the Covid vaccine mandatory because that would violate everyone’s right to choose what goes on or in his/her body. Therefore, we would be against mandatory vaccination of any kind, even if the vaccines turned out to be a miracle drug, because that measure would violate our basic constitutional and human right to choose and, thereby, to refuse, without being victimized by discriminatory policies, as a result.

So, we are not anti-vaccines. In fact, if Big Pharma were properly regulated to protect fully informed consent and the right to refuse, with the right to sue for injury, we would have better vaccines and better medications than we do now. Therefore, we are for the right to informed consent that includes the right to bodily autonomy, embodied in the right to refuse without reprisals.

If you believe in vaccines, then you surely will understand that preserving your right to bodily autonomy also preserves your right to choose to be vaccinated. If you are for wearing masks, then you surely will understand that preserving your right to bodily autonomy also preserves your right to choose to wear a mask. And, if you believe these measures protect you from a contagion from any source, then you would also have to agree that others should never be forced to take up protective measures that you have opted into, precisely because you are protected.

Our Goal

Our goal here is to support and help to develop Liberty Action Councils in every county in the U.S. We are here to educate you in the steps you can take to become more engaged in shaping your governance, in order to protect your God-given rights under the Constitution of our Republic – and to educate you in the many holistic, alternative therapies and approaches to lifestyle that are available to you for nurturing and strengthening your health and well-being. 

You can choose to do so naturally and holistically, by educating yourself through direct experience, so that you can make fully informed decisions about your well-being by exercising your right to bodily autonomy.

For these reasons, our activity here is focused on establishing and helping others to establish the Liberty Action Council. Any focus we have with respect to responding to the present Covid crisis is embodied in our vision for the Liberty Action Council.

Live Strong, Be Well, Go In Peace,

Founder, Liberty Action Council

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